Library History

The early history of the library was recorded by Miss Mary C. Hubbell, librarian from 1908 to 1958:

“In 1887, DeWitt C. Hay, a former resident of the town of Caldwell, died, leaving his library and property to his widow with a desire to have a public library founded in the town. A citizens meeting resulted I the founding year of the DeWitt C. Hay Library Association of Caldwell.”

“On 1893, Rev. Charles W. Blake, pastor of the Presbyterian Church organized a library which was chartered as the Lake George Free Library with rooms in the rear of the church. In 1905, Mr. James A. Hayden offered to donate a lot upon which to build a suitable library building.”

“In January, 1906, an application was made to the Regent of New York State for a charter for the Caldwell-Lake George Library and in July of that year, the building was open to the public. The Lake George Free Library and the DeWitt C. Hay Library were permitted to transfer all their property, books, etc. to the Caldwell-Lake George Library.”

The library is funded by the Town of Lake George and it receives County and State funds. The library is a member of the Southern Adirondack Library System (SALS) which encompasses Warren, Washington, Hamilton and Saratoga Counties.